The Astrophotography Sky Atlas

Finally, a compact, reasonably-priced atlas designed with imaging in mind!  Available on Amazon now.

TASA Cover 500px
Example map below, featuring the cover object, Sh2-132:Preview of map 3 bordered

Upgrade from the star charts you’re using to maps that actually focus on objects you’ll want to image. The Astrophotography Sky Atlas plots over 2000 deep-sky objects in their correct size and shape, including many nebulae not shown in other atlases. Stars are shown down to magnitude 9.0.  The entire sky is covered in 70 full-color charts.

A tabular index contains important details on each object, including a description, the best time of year to capture it, and the required field of view.

What’s shown:

  • 416 emission nebulae and supernova remnants, including the complete Sharpless (Sh2) and RCW catalogs.
  • 171 reflection nebulae, including the complete van den Bergh (vdB) catalog.
  • 146 planetary nebulae, including the complete Abell catalog
  • 52 dark nebulae and molecular clouds
  • 792 galaxies (larger than 3 arcminutes)
  • 38 galaxy groups from the Abell and Hickson catalogs
  • 108 globular clusters (larger than 5 arcminutes)
  • 309 open clusters (larger than 5 arcminutes)

To keep the focus on imaging, sparse open clusters and galaxies smaller than 3 arcminutes (unless part of a group) were left off the maps.

With information on nearly every possible photographic object in the night sky, The Astrophotography Sky Atlas will help you choose your targets and plan your imaging.

You can buy it from Amazon here.