Sh2-232 and friends

Sh2-232 sits in a neglected region of Auriga, not far from the commonly imaged IC410 and IC405. In order from left to right, they are Sh2-232, 235, 231, and 233. I think they look like a giant eyeball and two kidneys, so maybe that’s why they are rarely imaged. (It could also be that they … More Sh2-232 and friends

The Pleiades (M45)

Somehow, I’ve never really captured an image of The Pleiades (M45). Such a bright target directly overhead, but I was mostly looking for narrowband objects instead, I suppose. This image was processed entirely in PixInsight, except for the final rescaling and jpeg conversion.  I’m moving more in that direction. Frustrating and unforgiving it is, but … More The Pleiades (M45)