The Pleiades (M45)

Somehow, I’ve never really captured an image of The Pleiades (M45). Such a bright target directly overhead, but I was mostly looking for narrowband objects instead, I suppose. This image was processed entirely in PixInsight, except for the final rescaling and jpeg conversion.  I’m moving more in that direction. Frustrating and unforgiving it is, but … More The Pleiades (M45)

The Cone Nebula/Fox Fur Nebula/NGC2264 Area

Between snow storms, I’ve been able to squeeze in the occasional night of imaging.  It was a less than ideal night–poor seeing and all sorts of polar alignment issues plagued me–but I’m please to finally have an image of the Cone Nebula… or Fox Fur Nebula if you prefer…or Christmas Tree Cluster.  Whatever you call … More The Cone Nebula/Fox Fur Nebula/NGC2264 Area

NGC 6888 Narrowband (plus some PixelMath)

Finally, some color images!  (Or at least false color.) This is one panel from my earlier Crescent Nebula 4-panel H-alpha mosaic, with OIII and SII data added.  The first version is in a slightly modified “Hubble” narrowband palette (R=70% SII+30% H-alpha, G=100% H-alpha, B=100% OIII). Image data: Exposures: 13 x 1200s Ha, 16 x 1200s … More NGC 6888 Narrowband (plus some PixelMath)