I welcome your thoughts on this blog or any astroimaging-related topics.  You can contact me at deepskyprimer@gmail.com.


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  1. Charles,
    I have read your first book “The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer” from the beginning to end. I love the way you explain a lot of the challenging topics of this hobby. I am looking forward to get your second book one of these days.
    Thank you.

  2. Charles please email I’m interested in your thoughts on a telescope video camera for my Orion SkyQuest XT8. Thank you.

  3. Charles,
    More than anything I wanted to applaud you for bringing to everyone’s attention the influence of latitude on the depth and the duration of darkness. Your presentation of this phenomenon is quite extraordinary. Bravo!
    In one way it is personally disappointing since my “main” observatory is located in Eastern Washington at a latitude of 46.8 degrees. It is humbling to realize the degree to which I misunderstood and overlooked the impact of being so north. I have been doing astronomy for decades and somehow the extent of this effect escaped me. Observationally, it is ironic that I always sensed that darkness was more pronounced much later into the night. Mistakenly I attributed this to the decline in general light pollution that was occurring by human behavior/lighting in the wee hours of the morning. I overlooked the actual elevation of the sun during darkness. Rather, my view was very binary and not mathematical at all.
    I would love to acquire personal charts for 2 latitudes, one being 46.8 and the other being 33.7. I do not care about the price. I will benefit from any material you are willing to provide that is specific to those latitudes.
    Again, your books…..all of them…..are extremely unique and brilliantly written and very beneficial. Again, thank you. When I watched TAIC I was surprised that you didn’t receive more acknowledgment for your contribution to AP education. Your books are not derivative. Rather they are extremely nuanced.

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