Sh2-232 and friends

Sh2-232 sits in a neglected region of Auriga, not far from the commonly imaged IC410 and IC405. In order from left to right, they are Sh2-232, 235, 231, and 233. I think they look like a giant eyeball and two kidneys, so maybe that’s why they are rarely imaged. (It could also be that they are really faint!) The tiny planetary in the middle of Sh2-232 is PK173+03.1. Interestingly, I can’t find any designation for the huge round nebula at bottom-right.

  • Exposures (-10ºC, gain=100):
    • H-alpha: 93×180s
    • SII: 69×180s
    • OIII: 94×180s
    • Total exposure time:  12 hours 48 minutes
  • Taken from Doylestown, PA, Nov 13-19, 2022
  • Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-106ED with f/3.67 reducer
  • Camera: ZWO ASI2600MM-Pro with Astrodon filters (5 nm)
  • Mount: iOptron CEM60
  • Guiding: ZWO ASI174MM (off-axis)
  • Acquisition: NINA + PHD2 and ASTAP
  • Processing: AstroPixelProcessor, PixInsight

The individual narrowband channels are shown below.

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