An AstroPixelProcessor Quick Start Guide

I’m a big fan of AstroPixelProcessor (APP), especially for pre-processing. But unfortunately, the documentation for it is scattered and mostly in video form. For those who would prefer a text guide to look at, I’ve created this 15-page “quick start” manual as a free pdf. This should cover most of what you need to know to use APP effectively.

This is based on the latest version (1.08) at the time of writing. If I update this document, I’ll post updates here. As always, if you have any suggestions or you find an error, please let me know.

Click below or on the image to view the pdf.

9 thoughts on “An AstroPixelProcessor Quick Start Guide

  1. Great review of app processing
    If you have a simple review of processing osc rob and dual narrowband rgb images I would appreciate your process steps
    Stuart meyer md

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve added a basic workflow to the last page of the document just now. If you download the new version (1.1) above, it should include this workflow.

  3. thanks so much ! I was getting lost in APP, been using DSS for years. A short guide is really necessary, and written down is far more efficient use of my time compared to watching a bunch of videos and using the forum… many thanks. Randy Phoenix AZ

    1. 1) It’s simpler to load files and select the integration parameters.
      2) It’s harder to make mistakes. APP flags if you made a likely-inappropriate choice, and the defaults are often the right choice.

  4. Your APP quick start guide is a wonderful resource for learning Astro Pixel Processor. As a newbie to AP and APP I really appreciate this short guide and would rather read a pdf vs watching videos. APP has had multiple updates and new tools (ie Star reducer tool). It would be great if this guide is as updated. I often post a link to your guide when someone comes n cloudy nights asks how to use APP and having an updated guide would be very helpful.



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