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The SECOND EDITION is finally here!

I’m proud to announce that the second edition of The Deep-sky Imaging Primer is now available.  It is a substantial update to the first edition, with revised and expanded text and over 325 illustrations. Printed in full color, it covers everything you need to know to capture stunning images of deep-sky objects with a DSLR or CCD camera:

  • The fundamental concepts of imaging and their impact on the final image
  • How to pick a telescope and camera
  • How to get set up and take the images
  • Where and when to find the best objects in the night sky
  • How to process images using Adobe Photoshop® and PixInsight®
  • Start-to-finish examples of image processing

Complete coverage of PixInsight® has been added, with workflows for both PixInsight and Photoshop®.  There are also two new start-to-finish processing examples.  The early chapters have been revised, with clearer explanations of important topics like noise and resolution. And a new appendix provides details of the best imaging targets for northern hemisphere imagers.  Overall, it’s a bigger, more readable book, with a lot more content.

Click here or the image below to order the book from Amazon. 

2e Cover v4 - front only (small)

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