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The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition

It’s rare that you see much about astrophotography in the popular press or in museums, but this weekend I had the chance to see the exhibit for The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest. This contest is in its fifth year, drawing entries from around the world. The winners are not only published in a beautiful yearbook, but they are also exhibited at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, UK. The exhibit is part of the free area, though if you are into astronomy, you may want to pay the fee to see the nearby observatory museum, where luminaries like Airy and Flamsteed worked. (Of course, you also get to stand on the prime meridian line, which is pretty cool too.)

As you can see the exhibit was popular with the public, which is heartening to see.


The winning images were printed and displayed on lightboxes, which really made them look fantastic. They also had a few video clips with interviews of the photographers playing. A few close-ups are below.


Overall, there seemed to be a bias toward nightscape images over deep-sky images, which makes sense, as it gives people a sense of their place in the universe, but I would personally like to have seen more. Two deep-sky images (not shown above), by Pavel Pech and Rolf Wahl Olsen,  were particularly impressive.

Each image listed the technical details and explained what you were looking at. Like the book, the exhibit quality was very high, and I know I came away inspired to get out with my camera more.

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