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I took these images back in June, but have been too busy working on the new book to post anything.  I have literally hundreds of hours of exposures waiting to be processed right now.

This is Haumea.  It’s not a pretty image, but I still think it’s cool that you can image Kuiper Belt objects from your backyard.  In fact, the collimation on my scope was WAY out of line (long story) when these were taken, and I was still able to capture Haumea with 8 minutes of exposure time on two nights (6/6 and 6/9).  This was also first light for my SBIG STL-1301E.

Haumea’s angular motion is only about 2.5 arcseconds over three nights.  I compared the images with Wolfram Alpha’s predictions for where Haumea would be, and they agree within a few arcseconds.  The differences are probably more due to my measurement error using Aladin than calculation errors:

  • June 6th:  predicted RA: 13h 58′ 46″, measured RA: 13h 58′ 41″
    • predicted Dec: +18d 02′ 17″, measured +18d 02′ 32″
  • June 9th:  predicted RA: 13h 58′ 38″, measured RA: 13h 58′ 32″
    • predicted Dec: +18d 01′ 38″, measured +18d 01′ 56″
Haumea June 6-9, 2015

Haumea June 6-9, 2015

  • Exposures: 8×1 and 10×1 minutes
  • Telescopes: AstroTech AT8RC (1600mm f/8)
  • Cameras: SBIG STL-1301E, 2×2 binned
  • Mount: Takahashi EM-200
  • Guiding: Orion Starshoot through 50mm finder, guided using PHD2
  • Processing: DeepSkyStacker -> Photoshop
  • Dates: Jun 6 2015 and Jun 9 2015
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