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This is not exactly a shining moment as an astroimager, because I completely messed up the polar alignment routine, resulting in smeared stars.  (When the CGEM tells you not to pick polar alignment stars too close to the pole, it means it!)  But NGC7000, more commonly known as the North America Nebula, is such a compelling object, I’m posting the image anyway.  It also gives a sense of how wide the field of view on the Star 71 is.

NGC7000 "The North America Nebula" in Narrowband

NGC7000 “The North America Nebula” in Narrowband

Image data:

  • Exposures: 34 x 10 min Ha, 14 x 10 min OIII, 17 x 10 min SII
  • Telescopes: Two William Optics Star 71s (360mm f/5)
  • Cameras: SBIG ST-8300M and QSI 583wsg, 2×2 binned
  • Mount: CGEM
  • Guiding: QHY 5L-II mono, guided using PHD2
  • Conditions:  wind gusts over 20 mph, gibbous moon
  • Processing: DeepSkyStacker, PixInsight, Photoshop
  • Date: Nov 2, 2014
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