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NGC 6888 Narrowband (plus some PixelMath)

Finally, some color images!  (Or at least false color.)

This is one panel from my earlier Crescent Nebula 4-panel H-alpha mosaic, with OIII and SII data added.  The first version is in a slightly modified “Hubble” narrowband palette (R=70% SII+30% H-alpha, G=100% H-alpha, B=100% OIII).

NGC 6888 in Hubble Palette

NGC 6888 in Hubble Palette

Image data:
Exposures: 13 x 1200s Ha, 16 x 1200s SII, 18 x 1200s OIII (Total exposure time: 15 hours, 40 minutes)
Software: guiding by PHD, stacking in DeepSkyStacker
Processing: PixInsight 1.8
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-106ED (530 mm f/5)
Camera: SBIG STL-11000M with Astrodon 6nm narrowband filters, 2×2 binned
Mount: CGEM
September 16, 17, and 28 2013

PixInsight allows you to easily blend and mix images or color channels to create alternate palettes, so let’s use this image as a simple example.  Consider the following simple PixelMath parameters.


PixelMath refers to the color channels in an RGB image as [0], [1], and [2] respectively.  So this tells PixInsight to create a new image with the:

  • red channel composed of the original green channel
  • green channel composed of 70% of the original red channel + 30% of the original green channel
  • blue channel unchanged

The result is a false color image with a different flavor.

NGC 6888 Red-Green Reversed

NGC 6888 Red-Green Reversed

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