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IC1396 (most of it) and the Elephant’s Trunk

This is most of the nebula IC1396. IC1396 is huge, about the width of 10 full moons, and it lies in the constellation Cepheus. In astronomical terms, it’s pretty close at only 2000 light years away. The structure in the bottom right is the famous “Elephant’s Trunk,” (vdB 142) which is thought to be an active star-forming region. The largest black dust lane in the middle is Barnard 161.

[ASIDE:  There is a tiny blue blotch directly below Mu Cephei, the big yellow star on the left.  It sticks out like a sore thumb in the O-III images, is visible in the H-alpha images, but it’s absent from the S-II, hence its blue color here.  After a good bit of research, it appears that this semi-anonymous planetery nebula is known as PN G100.4+04.6.  I can find very little else about it other than the basic stats in SIMBAD.  If anyone knows more, let me know.]

As with most of my recent images, this one combines images taken through narrowband filters into a mapped color image where the Sulfur-II emission line is mapped to red, Hydrogen-alpha (+Nitrogen-II) to green, and Oxygen-III to blue.

Image data:

Exposures:  13 x 1200s Ha , 22 x 1200s O-III, 12 x 1200s S-II (15h 40m total)

Software:  guiding by PHD, stacking in DeepSkyStacker

Processing:  Photoshop CS3, modified Hubble palette

Telescope:  Televue NP101 with 0.8x reducer (at about  f/4.3)

Camera:  SBIG ST-8300M with Baader standard narrowband filters, 2×2 binned

Mount:  CGEM

October 17, 20, and 21, 2012

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