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SBIG ST-8300M First Light

The picture isn’t much aesthetically, but I’m posting it because it’s important to me as the first light image from my new ST-8300 camera.  Seeing this first image, I’m really pleased with the camera.

It was cold (8F) and a little hazy, but when new equipment arrives and it’s even close to clear, you’ve gotten lucky. Even better, I got the William Optics focal reducer to work on the EON with a ScopeStuff t-spacer.  No amount of spacing will make it work with the DSLR, but I’m happy to now have a 120mm f/6 instrument with the ST-8300.

The filter wheel and filters didn’t arrive until today, so this was taken without even a luminance (UV/IR blocking) filter.  It’s only 90 minutes total, but it shows more detail than I was able to get out of M78 with the DSLR.  The 16-bit data really seems to hold up better, and the noise is clearly lower.  More to come when I get some clear skies to test the narrowband filters!

45×2 minute exposures, unfiltered

ST-8300M, cooled to -20C through EON120 scope, reduced to f/6 (720mm focal length) on CGEM mount

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