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Supernova 2011dh in M51

On June 1st, I captured the below image of M51 with SN2011dh.  At this point, it is about a day old.  Not bad, but I wish I’d captured it as it happened.  (Instead, I was imaging NGC 4565, so those images had better turn out well!)

M51 SN2011dh

I also imaged M51 the night of May 29th.  While it was very hot that night, making the image too noisy for aesthetic work, the supernova is conspicuously absent.

M51 May 29th

Below is a similar crop from the May 5th image as well.

These were all shot with the Canon TSi through an AT8RC scope.  The June 1 image is 56 4-minute exposures, the May 29 image is 47 4-minute exposures, and the May 5 image is 57 4-minute exposures.

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