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Why I returned my Orion ED80TCF

From November through March, my work life got incredibly busy.  One project pretty much took over my life for a while there.  We had very few clear nights during that time anyway, and I was at least able to capture some frames, even if I still haven’t had the time to process them.

Also during that time, I returned the ED 80T CF that I purchased.  This was a shame, as I really liked the scope overall, but it was producing optical artifacts that I felt were fairly severe.  These were “inverse” diffraction spikes (should we call them “dents?”) that are the result of the lens spacers intruding into the light path.  Even though I could not see them when looking at the objective from the outside, their effects were clear in the resulting images, even around only moderately bright stars.  Orion was incredibly nice, and it is clear that they support their products fully.  They offered me the choice of a return or an exchange.  After checking around on the internet for other images produced by the scope, all of them exhibited the same pattern, so I chose a return.  I then used the money to buy a TMB 80 SS.  Both are great little scopes, and frankly, 80mm triplets have become a real sweet spot in terms of value.  But I will be hanging onto the TMB for now, as the optics do not exhibit the same diffraction pattern.

Below are close crops of minimally processed star images from both scopes for comparison.  (Note that the TMB example was taken from a hazy night, so the stars are a little bloated.)

Once I get some time to process them, I’ll post the images I captured last month.

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